Monday, February 28, 2011

Chapter 9

     “Alright, so the only thing you girls need to be doing today is just unpack those boxes right there on the counter. And put those clothes on those rags behind you right there.” Our eyes went following along as Tyler’s dad kept directing us to those empty rags and boxes, making sure that everything is in order before he left us in charge.
“Use your own creativity okay girls? I’ll be back late around 6”
Tyler’s dad aka Mr Hampton has that rich Mafia look, you know the ones we see as gangsters on televisions, but usually the ones which have a cigar up their nose puffing their way and counting money for bad reasons I suppose.. Mr Hampton reminded me of those. I’m not saying he’s on crack, or happens to be spreading some weed to some those teenagers around.  Apart from his weird accent he is most likely to be the next Mafia in our neighbourhood. Definitely hands down!

“Lea, don’t just stand there. Help me up with this thing!”

The boutique was new in town, like really brand new. I could taste the fresh paint and the whole boutique theme was more to formal wear, more to gowns and dresses. The boutique was actually Tyler’s mum idea. But she got into some other business so she leave it to Mr Hampton to handle it for her for now. We had to decorate and change the whole place to be something really elegant to attract customers. And I for one have no idea how to interact customers apart from being impatient and screwing customers up the wall. I rather leave the promoting part to May and Chloe while I deal with the cash register, just accepting money and return a thank you to them. That would be much easier, not challenging, but much easier.
“Damn, $2400 for a  silk dress like that? Girl, you better stop me or I’m taking this baby home!” Chloe was spinning around holding on to this short silk dress that almost looked like a pyjamas to me. It was sexy and fancy but of course. Purple and black colour with layers of different strings attached.  “Stop playing Chloe, we need to finish unpacking before Mr Hampton get’s back “May took the dress from her and started folding it neatly putting it on the shelves according to the sizes and colour.

“ who’s really into working now huh?”

May gave her a dirty look and kept folding the clothes while stacking them on top like she was doing before. I stared at them both from across the room. Though it was only three of us there, but it felt as the room was already crowded with customers and I couldn’t speak up to them. I felt ignored and alone. And I didn’t have the guts to go near Chloe or May because I felt rather guilty. But why was I?

“I’m just doing my job okay? No catch. So are you going to help me or what?” May handed Chloe a box of high heels to her. “And Lea?” she held on to this box, wasn’t sure what was inside but she was waiting for me patiently to come over and get it right off her hands. “You seem rather quiet today. Is everything alright?” she brushed her hair back behind her ears and I avoided eye contact with her but still gave a lazy smile. “She’s fine, she always is “Chloe answered from the back room, could tell she was ease dropping. Making me shut my mouth even more then. Gripping on to the box tightly.

“I’m good. No worries okay? Just a little tired. Sore at the back” I bend over trying to do some exercise to ignore any awkward question between us. And there was just a silence that made me felt really uncomfortable around my girls. I was expecting some gossips to be going on, some good laughs and weird jokes that usually Chloe would share with us. And yet, all of us was busy unpacking, and not even saying a word. It was like a cold war without even actually fighting. I kept staring at Chloe, wanting to give out a smile, but she was ignoring my every glance that made me look away out of the shop. Everything was changing, it was changing real fast.
I went over to the window and looked out and saw this small coffee hut and thought to myself it would be a great idea to at least break free from this boutique and get some fresh air. “Hey girls, I wanna grab some latte right across the road there. You guys want anything?” Chloe came running towards me putting her arms around my shoulders and it made me smile instantly that she and me were actually okay. “Get me some donuts and a hot cup of de-caff alright? May!? What do you want?”  May was still busy in the back room but she was alert enough to shout out her order to me “Cappuccino please!”

I put my leather jacket on and went out thwacking across the road. It was a quiet afternoon, late break was almost over so nobody was around to jam up the whole coffee place. I went in and could already smell the coffee seeds which haven’t been processed yet all laid out there for decoration across the counter. “One Latte, One Cappuccino and One De-Caff. On the double” I looked over to a cute little kid that was munching on some donuts with colourful sprinkles on it.  All those melted chocolate on his big cute chubby cheeks. “Oh yes, and 4 donuts please “I added.

“That would be $21.46 please “the guy handed me the drinks held firmly  in an egg carton shaped holder and I wriggled myself back to the boutique trying to keep my balance. I kept my eyes on the hot drinks and didn’t even wink for a second. I slide in the doorway using my ass pushing against the door and just as I was about to scream “coffee time”.
“Finally, I could use some of those” Jeremy took one of the drink from the holder; apparently it was my latte he had to pick and just started sipping it. I was good god shocked that he even showed up in front of me that moment and I just spilled everything. Dropping the donuts rolling down the carpet and the hot drinks spilled right on my stomach down my tight. It was so hot that I just fell down instantly.

“Lea!!!” May and Chloe came running with a cloth in their hands trying to wipe of the steaming hot water that was already melting my thigh. I was screaming in pain, felt like millions of bees just went stung on me like I got them mad for something. Jeremy wanted to help but I pushed him away as he handed out his hands asking me to grab it to pull me back up. “Just go “I answered aggressively.
“Lea, I’m so sorry” Jeremy put down the latte and helped to pick up those donuts and throwing them into the bin. “Let me bring you to the doctor Lea, your skin is badly burn. It’s really red.” Chloe lifted up my skirt to check my thigh and it was really burnt bad, but I pushed her hands back down and still kept my eyes on Jeremy for his stupidity to jump up on me like that.

“I will be fine” I wiped my tears as the pain was too much for me to even keep them in my eyes. May was already in front scolding Jeremy and yelling at him. I went over to quiet down the occasion.“May, its fine. I’m fine. Let’s just forget about this alright?” I reached out to my thigh and putting my hands softly against it and gave a small yell again. “Let me bring you to the clinic. Come on its just a few blocks away.”

“Yeah babe, let Jeremy take you. It’s the least he could do after what’s he done” May was so convincing and my facial expression was too much that I looked over to Chloe and she just stood right there waiting for an answer. I shook my head instantly “I will be fine, I’ll get to the clinic later. On my own” I walked back across the room and Chloe stopped me by grabbing one of my arms tight, and whispered. “You need to see the doctor. Don’t worry, I trust you” she sounded calm and just turned me around opening the door and pulling me and Jeremy out. “ Bring her back soon. We have much more work to do” Those were the last words I heard from Chloe, the last thing I knew, I was already in the clinic waiting patiently for the nurse to call out my name. Jeremy was sitting calmly next to me. I kept looking away in anger.
“I’m really sorry about that...”

“What do you think you’re up to? And who do you think you are!” I turned and words just start spilling out like shotguns. His eyes went round and he leaned back hard against the chair like I was about to eat him. I crossed my arms and just smirked at him. “Once a jerk, always a jerk huh Jeremy?” I gave out a lazy laugh. Lucky for me, the clinic was as quiet as a dead trap. So I could really just make a clown out of myself if I intended to. Jeremy stood up, stomping his right foot. “What do you mean?” I leaned my head towards him and smiled “You know what I mean stupid. Don’t be such a nice guy would you? Your dramas are really getting old”. Jeremy knelt down in front of me, putting his arms on his knees. Just squatting there like an ugly toad.

“Could you just tell me what’s really pissing you off? Apart from me causing the rashes on your thigh huh?”

“What happened last night with May? You know what, on second thought I don’t even wanna know” I stood up and walked around the hallway stomping my foot impatiently waiting for my turn. “Stop walking too much, you’ll only hurt yourself more” he pulled me back to my seat and pushed me down to the chair roughly.

“You’re disappointed that I didn’t break up with May huh?”

He sounded so sceptical I just wanted to carve out his eyes that moment. He wasn’t even thinking anything seriously but himself. “Please, what kind of a best friend do you think I am?” I shouted back at him, gaining my rights and dealing with my wrongs. Jeremy was too much of a snake to be trusted at that time. “ Then what exactly are you pissed off with?” I still kept quiet and stared the fishes swimming merrily in the aquarium. “Fine then, I’ll just sit here and tell me once you’re really to talk okay?” he put his hood up, covering half his face and pretending to be asleep across me. I sighed to myself and just spoke up “ Chloe knows “ he lifted up his hood. “ Excuse me?” he said.

“ She knows about you wanting to break up with May?” I covered my face with my hands rubbing my cheeks till they went pinkish red.

“What the....” he stood up right in front of me, holding on to my shoulders tightly. “ You promised this would be our little secret!” I pushed away one of his hands, the other still on my thigh trying to fight the pain.

“ Don’t worry, I’m just a liar in her eyes now since you haven’t broke up with May. She assumes that we are having an affair. I could tell” I yawned, expecting Jeremy to say something, but he just kept quiet for the longest 5 minutes. I shook his shoulders, but was already called out by the nurse. I told Jeremy to wait for me outside.

The doctor was friendly and sweet, he looked like Santa Claus because he had a long white beard and some bushy eye brows to go with it. He wrapped my thigh with some cloth strips and gave me some cream to cool the pain off. “Now don’t go too near to any hot water next time now okay baby girl?” the way he talked to me like I was just a little child. He even gave me a lollipop as I was getting out of the medic’s room.

I walked out of the room, smiling and sucking on to my lollipop. But Jeremy wasn’t there. I asked the nurse if she had saw him and she just said that he left 2 minutes ago and paid for my check up. “Was it something I said?” I asked myself repeatedly at the back of my mind and just rubbed my head. I hate how Jeremy likes going missing all of a sudden, making me feel like I’m the bad guy in this really complicated movie. I sat down on the couch and just took out my cell. I didn’t wanted to head back to the boutique, I felt lazy to do anything, but in need to talk to someone. I looked over at the nurse, all smiling and putting some powder on her cheeks doing some touch ups.

I sat there for quite a while wondering what to do. I kept asking myself about Jeremy, why is he acting so emotional when it comes to me questioning him about all this. He should know better. Between him and May, of course I love May more. She is definitely more important, but why everything is has to make my head on the chopping board?

I walked out of the clinic shortly after and finding Jeremy just standing there puffing a smoke. He looked at me, and then looked away at the cars driving by the sidewalk. I walked slowly over to him. “You mad at me?” I asked
“You’re mad to think that I’m mad at you” he puffed again, only this time the smoke was rounder that made me cough a little. He put away his cigarette and looked at me. “I’m sorry if Chloe misjudge you because of my own actions.”

“What made you change your mind?” we walked side to side back to the boutique slowly. Trying to stall a moment to actually have a real conversation with each other.

“About the break up?” I nodded my head and he breathe in heavily before answering me this loaded question. I didn’t want to be a busy body, but I just wanted to know what really was going on. And what between them that exactly went wrong.

“It’s complicated Lea, you wouldn’t understand even if you tried to.”

“You're not actually complicated Jeremy, but your ego is” he smirked at me and just pointed at the boutique, I didn’t realize we’ve even actually reached it already. “You should get in.” And he started to turn back to walk away.

“Don’t you want to come in?” I asked looking at the door expecting Chloe or May to run out hugging me asking if my leg was alright. “ I should go “ and he continued walking and I went back to the store.

“Where’s J?” May ran out as I opened to door looking everywhere with her hair facing left and right. “Well?” she asked again
“He had something on. He said he’ll give you a call later tonight”

“Well then, let’s get back to work” Chloe came towards me and pulled me aside.

” What happen?” she asked in a serious tone.

“Nothing did, we just went to the clinic and came back here. Just like you told us to” I smiled innocently.

“It’s not funny Lea, May is our best friend. You should think about that.”

Just right then, she sounded so sarcastic that I just shouted at her which made May dropped a package she was holding in her arms. “Best Friends trust each other Chloe, you should think about that the next time you put your trust on me again”
I headed to the door and May pulled me back. “Now what’s going on here? Earlier before you girls weren’t even talking right to each other. Now either you both make up now, or I will do something about this”

“Screw this” Chloe pushed down on of the empty boxes hitting on the carpet floor which still had the stains of some strawberry syrup of the donuts that scattered earlier. “Yeah screw this! “ I pushed May’s hands away and wanted to walk out the door but Chloe stopped me grapping my other arm again.

“Let go off me!” I yelled at her and May just stood there feeling helplessly. She knew she couldn’t do anything but to watch us argue. “She needs to know the truth” continued Chloe as she turned back to May.

May walked towards me and stood between me and Chloe and she just stared blindly at Chloe. “What truth? What’s going on huh?”
We both kept quiet and Chloe just leaned back against to door not wanting anyone to leave at that very moment. I just wanted to break free and if only there was a rewind button, I would totally click it right that moment. “ Please...” May begged me once again for spilling out the words I couldn’t have the heart to.

“ Jeremy told Lea...” Chloe started the sentence, and wanted me to finish the rest. It was impossible for me to even say anything at that time when I knew inside I was already hurting my best friend. And I was about to lose a best friend real soon.

“Don’t do this to me Chloe” I looked over at my shoulder and rubbed my forehead.

“Either you tell her, or I will”

“She doesn’t have to know”

“You tell her or I will” she whispered in my ear.

“Is that a threat? Nothing even happened between them!”

“Guys! Just spit it out!!” May screamed from the top of her lungs and Chloe just could held it in her any longer.

“Jeremy told Lea, he wanted to break up with you “in a second I pushed Chloe by her shoulders making her hit  against the wall I was so furious that I just wanted to hit her. “ Shut up!” I turned around to find May standing there, just pausing. Not moving an inch, I wasn’t even sure if she was breathing.

“Tell me it’s not true...” she said in a low sad tone.

Suddenly came bugging through the door. Mr Hampton and Tyler by his side.

“What in the devil’s name is going on here?”

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chapter 8

      I only woke up for the sake of waking up when the sun was shining so bright till I actually have the urge to curse mother nature while I laze up pushing the covers away with my feet feeling so annoyed like I wasn’t sleeping or having my rest at all before. I rubbed my eye lids while getting all those stuck up cockroaches shit which my mum used to call it when she had a hard time naming some white stains on the edge of your eyes. It was 10.30am or so I thought, I went into the showers and tidied myself up just a tad bit before I get my lazy ass down to the kitchen where I expected everyone to me waiting and yelling my name for morning breakfast. It was either that or nothing to have anything related to family gathering.

“Mum... Dad “ no one was around, the kitchen table was well laid out with a loaf of fresh bread toast, a bar of butter and a jar of jam in the middle that seemed to have not been budge open. The coffee and tea pot was still steaming hot. And there in the middle of the table, having my baby little brother Jeff minding his own business eating his cookies, biting them like he had no teeth at all.

“Hey baby bro, morning” kissed his cheek and pinched them while I was at it, making him pushed my hands away irritated. “Where’s mum and dad? “ grabbed a toast and just took a seat next to Jeff, expecting mum and dad to pop out any seconds like one of those magicians.

“Morning honey “mum came in with a bouquet of roses while she was carrying it like she was rocking a baby. “ Morning Mum who’s that for? “munching my bread and swallowing it slowly while keeping an eye on the roses she left on the kitchen counter, still wrapped up beautifully with a big ribbon in a shape of a large white bow. And it has a note on it. Mum smiled as she washed her hands and wipe them dry while she passed me the roses and put them in front of me. I sniffed it and gave a compliment enough to make her put the rose away as it was making my nose twitch in ticklish acts. “Fresh, nice” I pushed the roses away. And Mum just put the bouquet next to my empty set of tea cups. “Glad you like it, it’s for you”  I choked on my bread and took a drink from the tap water, putting my head upside down and opening my mouth while the water was pouring right down my throat
 I wiped my mouth dripped with water and just stared at the bouquet from far, not wanting to touch it. “Mum, where do you get it from? I mean, who gave it to you? And, are you sure it isn’t a bomb?” being sarcastic.

“Don’t be ridiculous Lea, Leon passed it to me. I was scrapping off some dry leaves and he dropped by to give me those. You were sleeping, so he didn’t want me to wake you up.” She passed Jeff his warm milk in a shaped teddy bear bottle in blue.

“I told him you weren’t feeling well. Needed rest “she continued

I sat back down and took up the bouquet and sniff it again. Counting the stalk of roses that was all bundled up neatly together. I opened up the card that was so tiny but still could fill up some good words. Stated just right there in the middle “ I miss you. Love Leon  I went  "awww and gave another awww and another awww “ just to make me feel so much flattered than before. I kissed the card continuously making Jeff actually laughed at me.

    I ran back upstairs to my room and figured a spot to put the bouquet. I came across this medium antique size vase that my great aunty got for my birthday. I cleaned it up and poured in some fresh water and put the roses in it. Just looking at how beautiful they blossomed made me missed Leon as well. I was about to head on to my cell phone to give Leon a call, wanting to hang out but Chloe was already on the line. “ Hello Chlo? Sup ?” I said.

“ Hey Babe, wanna grab some lunch together? My folks are out and I’m like really really hungry right now!! Pretty please?” there she goes with her sweet begging voice and her goofy puppy dog eyes positioned though I don’t really get to see them.

“ Well.. You do know that its only 11.16am right? ” making an excuse,  still in the back of my mind, wanted to reject Chloe’s invitation when I stated helplessly on the roses thinking about spending time with Leon. I just sighed at the side of the cell phone.
“Pleasee........” begged again.

“Fine, where are we meeting up?” brushing my hair with my fingers.

“Great! The Chocolate Cafe. Don’t be late! Love ya!” a kissed at the end of the call and clicked. I took a quick shower and just grabbed a simple sun dress and put on my favourite white popeye cap. Putting on some eye liner which I have to mention, was the first time I actually thought of using them. I’m not fond of make-ups much. Just a little glitch of some smooth lip gloss and compact powder on my face would do enough. And that day, I just happened to try on some eye-liner. Struggling to hold on to the tip of the brush, trying not to keep twitching my eyes and gave a long stroke on the top of my eye lids with a slight point at the end. It did made my eyes a little bigger and bolder. It felt good in a way.

I drove down to the cafe, searching for a parking lot. Finally got one when one gentlemen was kind enough to gave me the space when he was already actually waiting for it before. Maybe it’s because of my appearance today that made me just well lucky. I thought to myself a couple of times. I grabbed my purse and clutch it under my arm and went into the cafe. Chloe and May were waving their hands, grabbing my attention heading towards them and sat down. The Chocolate Cafe was actually May’s favourite place to munch, but then Chloe was also indeed in love with the place. Apart from my points of view, as I didn’t really care much about food or what I swallowed that goes in right to my stomach. As long as it does not make me throw up, I don’t have an actual favourite place to munch.

May look happy enough she was smiling and giggling, flipping her hair across her shoulders. While Chloe was also entertaining us with her jokes make us gave out a big laugh across the table.  Three of us were wearing dresses, like it was already planned out earlier.  “ Girls, I was thinking about working this summer. What do you think?” Chloe popped out a serious question middling with her pasta that was drowned in Carbonara sauce. She twisted the pasta with her fork while me and May looked at each other smiling. “ Working? This summer? Are you out of your mind?” said May leaning her head back and gave a lazy laugh. “ Well, actually it’s sorta a good idea” I sipped my hot coco looking at Chloe while was showing her thumbs up to me still struggling to swallow her pasta whole.

“ See, Lea agrees. Come on May. Working is actually quite fun! And we could go shopping after we have big bucks in our pockets.” Pat on May shoulder and giving her a broad smile.
“What if I do agree, where do you suppose we work? Do you have any idea how many of our graduates actually work around here? I’m sure there isn’t any available spot for us now” sounded not interested judging on May voice. May doesn’t like to work or do any stuff that included sweat. She’s more of the indoor girl. And when it comes to even working for a reason, it would be a miracle to even get her to agree.

“Well, Tyler’s dad owns this boutique shop uptown. It’s new and all. And they’re currently looking for promoters. So I just thought, maybe we would give it a try?”

“You’re not doing this to please your future father in law are you Chloe?” I and May gave a high five as we giggled about it. Chloe was already blushing, putting the napkin across her face, trying to hide from us.

“Fine, let’s do this. But promise me. We’ll do this together alright?” said May and held on to Chloe’s hands while she held on to mine. “ Best Friends Forever “ she continued. “ BFF’S “me and Chloe said together.

I was just admiring the patterns on the table cloth when May’s phone was ringing just in the middle of the table. Jeremy Calling. I kept looking at the flashings of her cell phone and just a minute, it was already in May’s hands, answering and walking out the cafe for some privacy talk. Then it just hits me like an earth quake about Jeremy wanting to break up with her. I kept staring out at the window, trying to read May’s lips as she was still on the line with Jeremy. I was hoping real bad that he wouldn’t do a stupid thing now to break up with her in the middle of this.

“Babe” Chloe gave a shook at my hands and I just stared at her.

“You okay?” she asked in a soft tone while staring out at May as well.

“Don’t worry. She doesn’t know” she went back to her pasta. I didn’t really understand what Chloe meant by May not knowing. And I leaned down forward putting the menu card in the middle of the table covering our faces, whispering something. “She doesn’t? If she knew, she would be so devastated about this.” I thought to myself for a minute then I looked back at Chloe “ wait, Jeremy talked to you about his this? Funny, I thought he said that I’m the only one who knew” I muttered to myself.  Chloe stopped eating and stared at me seriously to give me a look while wiping her mouth with the napkin.” Jeremy? About?”

“You know, about him wanting to break up with May?” I whispered.

“ WHAT?!” Chloe’s shout made one of the waiter accidentally poured some water on one of the guest. I hushed Chloe down and put our head under the table trying to cover up some humiliation. “ Jeremy is leaving May? WHAT THE..”I covered Chloe’s mouth before she even tries to shout again. “ I thought you knew about this?” I said trying to clear out the air and blaming myself at the back of my mind for letting the cat of the bag.

" Know what? I was talking about Jeremy being at your house for pizza. What on earth were you even thought I was mentioning about?”  Chloe looked up to see is May was still on the line with Jeremy. And she was.

“ Shhh!! Look, I don’t know what’s going on with them both alright. But Jeremy sounded serious about him leaving May. He told me, he just had to do it.” I said in a low tone voice as possible. “Shit, this sucks.” Chloe leaned back hard on the chair, crossing her arms together against her chest. I could tell she was pissed with Jeremy even just by thinking about it. “And May does not know anything about this?” I shook my head and stared out at May, feeling so bloody bad about this. “That ungrateful little jerk” Chloe continued, cursing Jeremy in her own language only she understands. “ Have you tried talking to Jeremy?” I frowned, it was a stupid question to even answer her. “Are you kidding? I’m not going to talk to a guy that is about to break my best friend’s heart.” I said angrily.

May came through the door and I gave a quiet signal to Chloe to keep her mouth shut and just get through with our lunch. “ Hey girls, sorry about that. Jeremy wants to bring me to the Rose Petals for dinner tonight. Isn’t that sweet?” she smiled and grabbed a cup cake. Chloe looked at me and I looked back at her and whispered “ I have no idea” I rolled my eyes.

“ What?” May ask us both. We gave out a smiled and just pretend that nothing was actually happening. Chloe must have think that I was lying, and May still doesn’t know anything. And I’m in the mid crisis here trying to figure out if Jeremy was actually drunk to other night that made him said something really stupid. Or that he was just stupid.

The lunch ended quite well, leaving me and Chloe behind watching May drove off.

“ How about that? A romantic dinner. Are you sure Jeremy said those words to you Lea?” Chloe sounded rather catchy, like she wants to catch me in a bad move, sending me to jail for criminal records to pile up.

“I’m not lying Chloe. I know what I heard. I just don’t get what that Jeremy is planning anyways” I rubbed my neck. And Chloe was busy texting Tyler that she didn’t even gave me any attention. I could feel she was irritated by just standing next to me. I just wanted to go home so bad.
“Chloe, are you listening?”  I try to grab her attention.

“Let’s just see what will happen next okay Lea?” she reached out for her car keys like she was in a rush or something. I was really insulted by the way she acted that I just nodded and reached out for my own car keys as well. I felt guilty all of the sudden. But I know I should, for meeting Jeremy up early in the morning without May consent.

I drove to the beach for some fresh air, trying to clear my head out. I took off my sandals and just walked bare footed on the surface of fine sand touching on to my toes. I stuff my foot in the water and just enjoyed the wind breezing through my hair.
Someone grabbed me from behind, picking me up and spinning me around.

“Hey babe” Leon kissed my cheeks from the back; his body was in his shorts without his shirt on. Body was dripping wet. “ I heard you’re not feeling well. You alright?” he put his hand on my forehead trying to figure out my temperature.

“ I’m better now, thanks for the roses” I smiled gave a smooth touch on his abs, wiping off some grain of sand that was stuck on his body and gave him a hug.

“You were surfing? At this hour?”

“Yeah, the waves were pretty tight. Just thought I gave them a shot. Didn’t expect you to be here Lea. Come, let’s find a shady spot shall we?” he grabbed my hands and we walked towards this big tree that I never thought exist near the beach.

“You seemed bother about something. Wanna talk about it?” he sounded really worried about me. That I changed the topic while I leaned my head on his shoulders and held on to his hands.

“What’s wrong?” he asked again.

“I just feel, something bad is about to happen.”

“To you?” he lay my head on his tight. I looked up at his green eyes. He smoothing my hair back, made me feel so relaxed at that time that I feel like taking him home with me.

“Not me, but me and my girls” I sighed and closed my eyes.

“I’m sure everything will be okay. You girls have been best friends longer than me and those guys had. I’m sure you girls will solve this problem out right? . Whatever chick problem it is” he giggled.

“ It’s more complicated than that Leon”
“What is?”

Suddenly someone shouted, made me got up immediately.
“ Dude!! Hurry up!”

Jeremy was standing right in front of us, Tyler was standing behind him holding on to his surf board. Jeremy eyes were only on me, but his message was to Leon. I frowned and looked away.

 “ I better go” I walked away with quick footsteps. Leon was chasing after me. “ Hey hey, what’s wrong?” he lifted my face up to check if I was actually shedding a tear. “ Im fine, really..” I gave a peck on his cheeks before saying goodbye. Watching from far, Jeremy was giving me that look. The look of guilt, but he never smiled or frowned. Just a look of a stranger.

“I should go “

“Hey, everything will be alright okay?” I turned around as Leon words reminded me how much he actually cared about me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chapter 7

     I lay there on the bed with my alarm clock laying helplessly right on top of my belly button. I tossed and turn trying to make myself to at least have a reason for sleeping early, but my eye lids were to light to even shut them up. I kept reading back the text that Jeremy sent to me, and I didn’t even reply a “ yes or no “ answer. In a minute I’m staring at the closet fussing about what to wear before dawn arrives, the next minute I’m awfully annoyed by his idea, which gave me the speck of being heartless and selfish and thought about bailing him on this meeting he had planned for both of us. I couldn’t help myself but to think what was my next move. My mind was everywhere, I just wished there was a restart button somewhere and stop my head from fidgeting so much all the time.

     “I should just sleep, maybe he had already forgotten about this. Besides, he never did called or send me another text about this” I rolled up the sleeves of my long pyjamas that my mother bought from yard sale thing along the street. Big shaped long sleeve pyjamas with pictures of teddy bears were cute for a 17 year old girl like me for my mum’s sort of speech. Apart from the big shaped pyjamas, the teddy bears were agreeable. I tucked myself into bed and put away the alarm clock and just hid my face under my soft comfy covers. I was just about to fake my sleep. When I realize my laptop wasn’t switched off.

     Bearing with the noise of incoming im’s on screen just beeping right there across my bed. I literally crawl down from my bed and crawl up to my chair while rubbing my eyes that were having a hard time opening. My mouth just went “ AAAAA “

J Rocks: Lily Garden 5.30am

The letters were bold and the size of 16, what was he thinking, like I’m some sort of blind female for that matter? I rubbed my eyes again a couple of times, and pinching myself while trying to hope that this was all just a bad weird dream. But it wasn’t as the line of LILY GARDEN were still right there staring at me in the chat box. I scroll down my page and just deleted that message.  But he just had to send me another one.

J Rocks: Lily Garden 5.30am !

This time without the bold letters, but with an exclamation mark at the end.

I rubbed my neck and breathe out heavily, still can’t actually figure out what answer should I give to Jeremy. Does he really want to meet up with me? Is he even sober?  He has been intestinally drunk ever since I told him that we are friends for now. He has been just hanging around me somehow. Why does he have to be the one that happens to be close with me nowadays?
I clicked on the delete button and wanted to head to my bed, but something just made my ass fall down from the chair.

J Rocks: I know you’re reading this right now. It’s too late to even try to ignore me Lea. I can totally see you.

My eyes went big, and all I know I was already holding on to a big baseball bat and hiding behind the curtains while reaching out to my lamp post and switching it off.

“ Fuckk!” I said to myself softly and lifted up the curtain a little to take a peek outside. And there he was, that little sleazy Jeremy already waving excitedly as if he knows I was peeking at him. I closed back the curtain and went back to my bed, hiding underneath those covers trying to get some sleep. “So who cares if Jeremy is out there right now in front of my house waiting for me at 4am.” I took a sneak peek at my alarm clock that was ticking loudly beside my bed. “ I’ll just let him wait, silly boy!” I punched my pillow hard and just hug it tight, pressing my chest against it making myself warm and cosy.

Something woke me up when I hear little tap banging on my window. I got up and looked out the window. Jeremy was busy picking up pebbles and just throwing them on my window. I was so frustrated that I opened the window making him not realize that my head was already popping out and one of his pebbles hit straight to my forehead.

“Are you insane!!” I shouted in a low tone voice. Jeremy was already looking away before he said “ Sorry! “ in a soft voice that got me reading his lips. I rubbed my forehead and just kept an eye on him. And he goes all “ LILY GARDEN!! 5AM ! Be there okay?” he smiled while showing two thumbs up at me.

“ Fine, just...go okay? Its only 4 something. I’ll be there at 5.45.”

“5.30!” showing his fingers to me.

“ Yeah yeah, 5.30. Now will wake up my neighbours and my parents!” I shooed him away, but he was just ignoring me and jumped at the back seat of his car and lay there. I can’t believe he is totally taking a nap in the car, right in front of my house for the sake of making sure that I will show up at Lily’s Garden tomorrow. Jeremy was driving me up the wall I couldn’t even have words to describe about how he was reacting. I closed back the window and went back to bed, didn’t want to have second thought about it.

       The alarm was already going off, screaming and shouting like hardcore through my eardrums. I imagined myself hitting it with a giant hammer and crashing it into pieces like those cartoon network movies I accompanied Jeff to watch with.

I got up and groomed myself a little, put on a sweater and just a worn jeans. And headed downstairs with a torch in my hands. I had to sneak around the house just to get to the door. My sneakers were already making horrible sounds when I was going down the stairs I just wished they were shutting up already. My parents were sound asleep, I could hear my dad snoring and mum was tossing around making the bed squeaked. I made my way out the door and down the lane to Jeremy’s car.

 He was still sounding asleep as I looked into the back seat. His arm covering his eyes and his legs were totally facing me. I tapped on the window making Jeremy fell out of his seat; he got out of the car and just yawn.

“What’s the time?” he asked rubbing his head and yawning again.

“It’s 5.39am” I answered in a boring tone voice. Jeremy knows if I was annoyed or if I wasn’t, though we weren’t actually friends before. But he kind of knows me well. For the sake of my attitudes at least.

“Well, are you getting in or what?” 

I went into the car and strapped the seat belts around me while we took off. Looking my house through the side mirror of his car.

“I’m guessing your parents don’t know about you sneaking out huh?” he giggled.
“Don’t you start okay? You’re the one who is out making plans And forcing me to come with during this time at this freaking early hour!” I frowned and looked out the window rubbing my leg against one another.

Jeremy stopped the car immediately and unstrapped his seatbelt while he unstrapped mine. He got down the car and went to my side while pulling me out from the car. “What...Hey!! That hurts alright! “ he gripped my hands tightly I couldn’t even feel the blood running. I was half dead while he just kept pulling me and walking towards this lane that never did looked familiar to me.

“Jeremy stop!! “

He stopped and let my hands go. He just looked in front and didn’t even faced me in the eyes. I could feel that I did something that upset him, but I didn’t know what to say but to ask a stupid question again. “ You.. okay?” I reached out for his arms but he pushed my hands away, just continued walking following the path.

“Hey..Wait..” I reached out for my torch light that was still in my bag. I couldn’t see a damn thing.
“We won’t need that anymore, We’re here.” Jeremy sounded as calm as I could hear him breathing in fresh humid air.

I stood beside him and saw a big beautiful carving of a statue surrounded with lily’s and roses all planted accordingly in a shape of a cupid. The fountain that caught my eye in the middle of the field, and colourful lightings just made me go “ Awww “

“Beautiful isn’t it?” he headed to the fountain and I just followed him while looking at all the beautiful statues and surroundings. I was like Alice in Wonderland. Make that Lea in Wonderland.

“I never knew this sort of place still exist in this corrupted world of ours. This isn’t Lily Garden isn’t it?”

“Nah, it’s definitely not Lily Garden. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that when we got here. Not everyone knows about  this place. It’s not open to public anyway. This garden right here, the owner is living right up there on the hill. The most riches old lady ever” Jeremy pointed up the hill, but I couldn’t see much as the skies were still dark.

“So you’re saying we are trespassing?” I looked around for cctv’s or cops shouting asking us to leave. Jeremy just pulled me down making me seat next to him on the grass.

“Don’t worry, we’re not really trespassing. I’ve been here a couple of times. And nothing bad ever happens. Just relax and enjoy the beautiful environment around you”

“ I’m sure May enjoyed this place really much huh?” admiring the beautiful statue in front of me. “ You’re the first actually “ he looked up at me.

“First what?” asked curiously showing him a grin.

“First person that I brought to this place” he looked away. I ignored that statement and curled my legs up hugging them tight. There was silence between us and the sky was about to brighten up a little.

“Jeremy, why exactly did you go to Wisdom Falls the other day?”

“That’s the reason why I asked you out today. To explain.”

“Well?” asked again impatiently waiting for his answer. He tilt his head down and rubbed his forehead making me rubbed my own to see if there was any bump on it because of the pebble that hit me earlier before.

“I’m just saying, things will change this Summer. I will change” he sounded so serious, I couldn’t pat on his shoulders and just take it as a joke. His face expression which I couldn’t figure out whether he was confused, sad or everything bundle up on one big pile I couldn’t clean up.

“What do you mean by changes?” I crossed my legs and leaned against him to hear closer on what he actually wants to say.

“Could you keep a secret?”

I leaned back and lay on the grass looking up at the sky waiting for the sun to actually shine through my pupil.

“Just spit it out stupid” I hate waiting, like really hate waiting.

“ Me and May are not working out.“ the words were too blurred at first but then got me getting up and asking him to repeat it again clean and clear for me to hear.
“I think it’s best if I let her go” he continued.

 I can’t believe what was Jeremy actually saying right there and then. I wanted to just shake the life out of him and asked him to repeat those sentences, but the words were fire through my ears that I just snapped.

“Do you hear yourself Jeremy? I can’t believe you’re thinking about breaking up with her. She loves you like. Oh my god!! Do you even know how much hell she loves you !” I pushed his shoulders and he just looked away, not wanting to explain why the decision was made.

“Look, I’m sure you guys had problems before. You guys are different than the other couples I’ve seen. You guys have been together for 2 years man. You can’t seriously let it all flow away. I’m sure there must be something you could do to work this out.” I was mumbling and just babbling about the good times he and May had together. Reminding him this was not the right way to handle their relationship. I could picture May crying right now in me and Chloe’s arms while figuring out words to calm her down.

“You’re not doing this okay Jeremy. You’re not!” I gave a big stomp on the ground swinging my arms side to side.

“And what if I want to? You can’t stop me Lea. It’s my decision” He stood up facing me and looked into my eyes. “ You’re mad are you? The other day you went missing for no reason, and now you’re telling me you want to leave May? What on earth are you planning to do? May will die without you!” I screamed from the top of my lungs making some doves that were picking up seeds flying away.

“Not until I die first okay!” he stopped and covered his mouth.

“You know what, I’m not doing this. I’m getting home.” I walked away and turn around as Jeremy said “ It’s for the best Lea.. it’s just for the best. You’ll understand one day.” He nodded his head down and wipe his sweat that was dripping down his chin.

“What if I don’t understand? I bet May wants to understand more than I do. I mean do you even love her?”

“I love her enough to know what’s best for her” he continued and walked towards me. I wanted to slap him real hard for already hurting my best friend unintentionally, I didn’t want to see May cry, or hurt herself because of this stupid figure Jeremy that had too much on his plate.

“You’re a jerk you know that?” I walked away in anger not wanting him to follow me from behind. But Jeremy kept walking; I could hear his footsteps getting faster and closer to me. But I didn’t take a second look. The sun was already up high was shinning right above me.
Everything was more complicated than I thought it would be. I couldn’t even think straight. I was walking sideways like a crab hitting on to tress I just felt like vomiting.

“ You okay?” Jeremy held me up and put my arms around his shoulder.

“ Don’t touch me.. you...heart breaker! “ I pushed him away, leaving me fell down on the dry scattered leaves.

“ Stop being so stubborn and let me help you.” he carried me to the car and fasten my seat belt. I was feeling so woozy I just didn’t even talked but to point my finger up front and said “ Home”
I could hear the engine starting and just before I know it. I was already at home, waking up to see the ceiling fan spinning above me, with mum putting on a wet napkin on my forehead and dad was walking around making a call to some odd doctor name on the line.

“ What..whats going on? What happen?” I opened my eyes slowly.

“ You fainted, Jeremy sent you back home earlier ago honey.” Mum continued wiping my forehead with the wet cloth. I was so dizzy that I just kept my eyes closed at all times. Dad was in the background saying about how the doctor would be arriving in a n hour to Mum. I was waving my hands side to side “ No need for doctors. I don’t need any medication. I’m fine “ I tried to get up, but I bounced back hard on the cushion feeling so hung over.

“ Honey just stay still. Get some rest. The doctor will be here to check on you soon” Dad brushed my hair and gave me a peek on my forehead. I wonder why was everyone so worried about me when I wasn’t even worried about myself. I kept thinking about how a jerk Jeremy is. And what’s gonna happen to May. Whether they broke up already or haven’t? I just got to stop it from happening.

    “ I need to call May “ I reached out for the phone that Dad left on the coffee table next to where I was laying, but Mum took it and stuff it right inside her apron.

“ Young lady, you better sit still now. Stop moving around. Your calls can wait” I didn’t have the strength to argue with her and just fall back dead asleep and admit that I was really really not feeling well.